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Maurice's sister on DialectRadio with Tony Gosling - a great account of a great cover-up by South Wales Police

This video is an excellent summary of the ordeals that originated with that 'medical' report about a brain tumour that never existed. But the General Medical Council can't do anything about that false report... Nobody EVER takes responsibility...

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HHJ Seys Llewellyn coming to the Rescue of Maurice in HMP Swansea!?

It must have been like Christmas for Maurice when he got this letter. He had always trusted that there are good judges and good politicians 'out there' who can make the difference necessary. HHJ Seys Llewelly writes It is now more urgent than...

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The nefarious plot to isolate Maurice.

Maurice writes of the way in which the system is being manipulated in order to separate him from his legal papers, his funds, visitors and McKenzie Friend assistance. The whole charade of releasing him on licence, under ridiculous one hour curfew conditions...

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Code Napoleon showing through the veneer!

A draconian punishment regime seems to have been imposed upon Maurice since he has been returned to prison in Swansea. News just in reveals that he has lost as much as 20 kilos in weight. He is being kept confined and denied contact with other prisoners...

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MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement): who protects citizens from their abusers of power?

MIND THE GAP: between good intentions of well paid law makers and very bad actions by less well paid law enforcers. Designed to protect 'the public' from terrorists, MAPPA rules have been used against Maurice before . 'Shoot to Kill' is...

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