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My Cardiff GP Practice Suggests I Re-register Elsewhere!

That must be my seventh GP abandoning me just to avoid the collateral damage done by 2009 police psychiatrist, from Caswell Clinic, insisting with a Cardiff judge, in my absence, I have such 'significant brain damge' I needed sectioning to prison...

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South Wales Police Bullying continues

15 05 02 The Wager.pdf 15 05 08 Claimant's Closing Submissions continued pages 1 to 10.pdf 15 05 08 CONTINUED Closing Submissions (part two).pdf 15 05 08 CONTINUED Closing Submissions (part three).pdf See below for substantive submissions

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Cub for South Africa

There is right royal battle going on with CAA doctors prefering to believe the now sacked and banished police psychiatist from the kingdom. Wales demands not just judicial autonomy but also its own independant police force. I apparently have 'significant...

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The Closing Submissions for 23 year running South Wales Police Bullying Case

These documents are only a small proportion of evidence in this case as other submissions will shortly be published 13 07 16 Claimants Closing Submissions KIRK v SOUTH WALES POLICE BS 614159.pdf 13 05 28 Consolidation Application BS614159 etc.pdf

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