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Code Napoleon showing through the veneer!

More than a week after he was recalled to prison, ostensibly on the orders of the home secretary, the "authorities" have still failed to come up with any sort of plausible reason as to why he was recalled. This is because they are in a bit of...

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MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement): who protects citizens from their abusers of power?

MIND THE GAP: between good intentions of well paid law makers and very bad actions by less well paid law enforcers. Designed to protect 'the public' from terrorists, MAPPA rules have been used against Maurice before . 'Shoot to Kill' is...

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Back in prison a week after being "let out"

It has now been confirmed that Maurice was arrested by the police sometime around 4pm yesterday, on the orders of some faceless probation service worker. Exactly what transpired is not yet clear but apparently he is being held by the police awaiting transfer...

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Maurice Vacates His Cell for Rolf Harris

14/05/14 Appellant to Criminal Court of Appeal BS614159 T20131144 Etc 3 rd Breach of ‘Restraining Order’ 17 th March14 Cardiff Crown Court Trial My attempt to submit further ‘Grounds’ already with Criminal Court of Appeal GROUNDS INCLUDE Refused medical...

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Maurice is released under draconian licence rules.

Update, It has now been confirmed that Maurice is being "accomodated" in a halfway house approved hostel in Swansea, He is being held under a one hour curfew and has to return to the hostel to sign in every hour. He is listed as MAPPA level...

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