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Police Find My 23 Year Old Interview Tape

The judge has asked to explain why where and how when promised 23 years ago to me by Mrs Griffiths over the telephone....See & face book

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My Legal Web sites are Blocked by Whom?

This will only take one line and cannot update so will now try face book!

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South Wales Police 15th April 2016 12.30pm Hearing

Fresh Evidence see & facebook & twitter

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Proven Perjury &Theft by Inspector Andrew Rice

1. Dolmans solicitors shown to be unlawfully using the Cardiff court system, for the cash, by manipulating the trial judge in a manner whereby improper disclosure protects police records and court records to be in 1st Dec 2011 harassment...

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Cardiff Prison now Deny I was There!

1st Dec 2011 Restraining Order sent to prison, following a conviction of harassing Dr Tegwyn Williams, is now denied . So where was I then ? Out flying G-KIRK?. GEOamey Custody Services state the prison retains the records of my 1st Dec 2011 hearing....

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