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Explorers Connect 4th to 6th Sept--BE THERE!

"OPPORTUNITY COMES ONCE" Dont just think about it, do it! I know about these things, I fly aeroplanes, you know Alex with first bike and Genevieve with the 'bug' for speed and...

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Peter Oakes Victim of the State

I heard this Bristol radio interview at 5am and still vividly remember his words of wisdom well over 10 years ago at our South Wales gathering in a Carmarthen hotel

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Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) served FOI (Part 9)

15 08 17 web blog.docx As the civil judge in case against SWP these past 23 years cannot obtain court records no JR in RCJ will Altered Cardiff Court Log to fool restraining order was served on me

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Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) served FOI (Part 8)

15 08 07 FOI app R.pdf CCRC give flat refusal, of course..........So can any one help me, please, put this into Europe and RCJ pantomime asap? 15 08 15 Even the Criminal Case Review Commission.docx

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