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Brittany Cottages for Sale to Finance Flight to South Africa and Cape Horn

All within 5K of each other and one hour from St Malo Portsmouth ferry: Two semi-detached houses for 40,000 pounds, the lot, with large garden and a barn for the Rolls Two bed modernised village cottage/large garden/roof space for ensuite third bedroom...

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Remarkable Brain Damage Reversal

G-KURK in a farmer's field near Dartmoor Well, this week, the CAA finally allowed my Class 2 medical flying licence renewal despite my 4th South Wales GP practice having also just refused me as a patient! As with its similarly spineless South Wales...

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Another Frustrating Day in our Parliament Building

Busy day for me, yesterday, in Parliament committee rooms- First there was 'child abuse' meeting and then 'whistle blower' almost a riot of over a hundred fearful followers and victims as persecuted 'whistle blowers'. Then, if...

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Shortly, patience, down boyo. Now going to Brittany to try and find my stolen ULM Spineless Greedy Little Buggers This week my 4 th South Wales GP medical practice, this time Ely...

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